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Welcome to Niajiri

Start Today For a Great Future

Let us give you a helping hand

Niajiri is beautifully and meticulously crafted with you in mind.

Be it you the maverick mechanic, or the genius chef down the street or you the iconic sharp lawyer we all admire, the niajiri team made it it’s hustle to make it easy for you to find clients with a touch of a button.

And as for you service seeker who the above great men and women have dedicated their lives to serve, we at niajiri pride ourselves in giving you the ease to find the right fix for that task you need done and best of all by professionals in the given field.

When you want your house cleaned, think niajiri, when you need legal services, find in niajiri and even when you want some coaching advise, well you guessed it, click niajiri.

The Niajiri Mission

To become the leading and the go to platform for all the professionals here in Kenya and beyond. (We already are)

The Niajiri Essence

To give all persons, companies or businesses a sense of ease to find work and get tasks done. The Niajiri heart, beats to the tune of peace of mind! 

The Niajiri Vibe

At niajiri, we make dreams come true. Your success is our success and we take pride when dreams are converted to reality.
It’s all here at niajiri.



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